What hospitals, airports & cities can learn from websites

Three authors from such diverse professions as healthcare and urban design draw on ideas that have been closely associated with, and further developed in, the field of website design: service design, usability, user experience and human-centred design.

Customer experience in hospital

What would hospitals be like if they were run by Disney? This fascinating thought experiment has occupied the mind of Fred Lee, a former hospital executive who consulted on healthcare with Disney. In this ABC podcast interview external link icon Fred explains Disney’s view on customer experience (the experiences a customer has with goods or services providers). And here’s more about his book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently external link icon.

Usability saves time at airports

 Last year over five billion people travelled by air, each one of these people arrived at the airport and made their way through the necessary stages of waiting; check-in, security, customs, boarding. On average, each passenger will have spent 42 minutes doing nothing but waiting. Not eating or reading or relaxing, just waiting.

Think about how much better the world would be if we could save just 3 minutes of waiting at airports. Find out how PhD student Anna Harrison uses ideas on human-centred design to analyse and redefine existing approaches to check-in and boarding: Airports – where you go to wait external link icon.

Urban design as service design

How did the data on cholera in 19th century London affect the design of its infrastructure? These days masses of phone data are collected as we move through urban environments. How can this be used to design better cities?
In this ABC interview external link icon, Urban Infomatics Design Lead at Arup Michelle Tabet  explains how data is being used to design successful urban projects. Find out more about Michelle’s design ideas: Urban design is service design external link icon.