Orana Health Services

Set up by an accredited, practicing Social Worker and launching later this year, Orana Health Services will offer counselling services, care coordination planning and online resources. Orana is ready to begin business and needs an online presence.

First steps… Red Bridge Web is working to help out, starting with everything people might want to do on the Orana website. This will also help Orana focus on how to market its services, who to and what’s important to its clients.

Playwright project

Melbourne playwright, Michael Olsen, is prolific to say the least. He’s penned over 50 plays – from one act, one person plays to full cast, full length dramas. The sheer quantity of the work presents a problem for organising his website. Finding the play, or the type of play, you are looking for is a challenge.

Michael had several goals for his website: to sell plays and promote his work within the theatrical world. There was also a list of things that had to go on the website such as licensing and copyright for staging the plays.

We started with a long list of things that people might want to do on a playwright’s website based on Michael’s goals and other playwright’s websites. We whittled that down, focusing on keywords and the most obvious tasks.

Next, and most important, we tested these tasks with – you guessed it – humans! And what we discovered was a real focus on three things…

  • the latest news, reviews and performances
  • the plays themselves
  • Michael!

Now, back to the drawing board. More testing to structure these tasks and as a foundation for the content creation… some more great results.

What Red Bridge Web has delivered: a comprehensive sitemap, content outlines for all pages and wireframes for all the main pages.

Also, we’ve procured a competitive quotes by a professional WordPress developer and  graphic designer for the next stage of the project. We’re almost there and I’ll keep you posted on the final result.