Plumbing Careers website launches

Plumbing Careers external link icon, the apprenticeship marketing website for Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria and Master Plumbers launched early December 2012.

Red Bridge Web designed the information architecture and navigation using customer research and testing methods. We briefed the software developer and visual designer and wrote all the content.

The great thing about the Plumbing Careers project was that customer research and testing drove all the design decisions, making it the quickest and most hassle-free web project Red Bridge Web has ever been involved in.

Master Plumbers Communication Manager and the project’s manager, Melissa Chrys, was happy with the results saying,

I engaged Malcom to develop all the navigation and content on our Plumbing Careers website. Working with Malcolm was a pleasure. He was extremely effective in collaborating with our web developer and graphic designer and his contribution made my job as project manager totally hassle free. Malcolm understood and followed our brief and we only required a few meetings to deliver the project on time. I can recommend Malcolm’s work on web projects – he’s a great team player and offers expert assistance. I certainly look forward to working with him in the future!

Melissa went on to say, “Everyone here is very impressed with the site – Ken (CEO) said you’ve done an excellent job!”

Plumbing Careers

It’s a great time to consider a career in plumbing.

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV) offer pre-apprenticeship training and an apprentice service to make it easy for plumbing businesses to recruit and manage apprentices for their businesses. They also support apprentices in their plumbing career pathways.

Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) manages this service and has asked me to restructure and rewrite the content for their showcase Plumbing Careers website.

First steps

I started by analysing keywords, analytics and content from the existing website. We also looked at the communication strategy and new brochures and publications.

Then I made sure there were no duplicates and checked the keywords against popular search terms in Google keywords to come up with an abbreviated list.

Now key MPMSAA and PAV staff are ‘card sorting’ this list to make sure I haven’t missed any important keywords – making the exercise as comprehensive as possible.

Next steps

Once we’ve signed off this list I can start testing the keywords with a wider audience, letting us see what people visiting the site will really be interested in.