About us

Launched in 2012, Red Bridge Web is a website design business focusing on the ‘hidden’ foundations of the web: content and task-driven navigation.

We care about how people use websites. We want to help you give your website visitors the best interactive experience possible and return the best value on your investment. More about us: personal reflection

Our services:

  • super-efficient visitor testing techniques lead to delivery of:
    •  ‘information architecture’ – navigation labels and website structure
    • comprehensive site map
  • writing text and pages for your website:
    • content outlines; page creation down to our agreed level; other text including content for online campaigns
    • ‘wireframes’ – how the main pages look; the aim is to improve visitor’s ability to achieve tasks identified in the navigation design stage
  • a range of other applicable services you may need:
    • website reviews – style, linking, navigation, readability, usability, accessibility
    • ‘writing for the web’ tips and training – D.I.Y. your own content
    • tips on success with search engine optimisation (SEO) and developing your online persona
    • advice on how to get your site built efficiently, who to trust for hosting and technology development
    • a maintenance plan which builds in regular, inexpensive usability testing, advice on your website governance, style guide and more

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Personal reflection

I’m Malcolm Gunn, the Red Bridge Web Director. I started writing content in 2000 and working full time in the field in 2009 – reviewing websites, creating content, designing information architecture and project managing website implementations.

To me it’s always seemed odd that the starting point for website design and content is usually the technology or the graphics, not with understanding what visitors really want to find and do on a website – the tasks they want to achieve.

Now, as it happens, if you start with finding out what your visitors really want to find and do on your website then you get better outcomes: it’s quicker, cheaper (because it’s less work and less development time wasted) and more satisfying for visitors. That’s what my method does and that’s why it works: our design approach.

I’d really like to work with you so contact me and let’s talk about your project.



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