Site search improves content & avoids mistakes

Visitors to your website who use the internal site search engine are offering you a gift; an explicit intention to find information.

It’s a gift I recommend you accept with grace.

Here’s 3 things you can do to benefit from your visitors’ largesse, using internal site search analytics.

First, understand what site search is and why you should be analysing it right now.

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The case for video on your NFP website

The dynamic combination of words and images makes video a compelling medium; you can communicate a lot in a short amount of time and video can be used in creative and appealing ways: think Dumb Ways to Die and Beyond Blue’s exceptional sub-website, Man Therapy both witty and very high quality.

As a not-for-profit organisation you may be wondering, “how should we do online video?”. Communication managers and social marketers are concerned about costs and video’s effectiveness as an online medium; is it worth the time and money to deliver video online? Here’s how to conduct a trial and make a case for video on your site.

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Read this. Now.

Steve Jobs Read this
  • Jakob Nielsen on realistic and achievable research and UX evidence:  “Make no mistake: if you require perfection you’ll have no research. Go with some data, because it’s much better than guessing. “
  • Gerry McGovern on online strategy and how to do it: “Most companies and their top executives … cannot explain coherently how their actions should lead to superior performance.”
  • New Deloitte research finds that if a small business has high levels of ‘digital engagement’… it is twice as likely to be growing and will be earning two times more revenue per employee.